Let's Pack! Listening Activity


Purpose: to use beginning level listening skills to practice new vocabulary

Prep Time: 10 or more minutes

Materials: a small suitcase/bag/box and pictures of vocabulary. The vocabulary could be clothing to put in the suitcase, groceries to put in a grocery bag, or household items to pack in the box.

Prep: create a set of picture cards or collect relevant objects

1. Hold up each picture and say its name.  Repeat a couple times and then ask students to repeat a few times.
2. Hold up the pictures and ask students to say them again.
3. Mix up the order of the pictures and ask student to say them again.
4. Pass out the cards, giving one per student until no cards remain. It is ok if some students don’t have cards.
5. Hold up the suitcase so students can see it.  Say, “I need my shirt. Where is my shirt?”
6. The student with the shirt card holds it up. Indicate that the student should put it in the suitcase.
7. Repeat until all cards are in the suitcase.
8. Pass out the cards to different students and repeat.

Variation: After several rounds, invite a student to be the leader who packs the suitcase.


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