Comparing My Life to a Journeys Story

Journeys book

Thanks to Jessica Horning at Open Door Learning Center, Lake Street for sharing this tip!

Purpose:   Students answer comparison questions about a story from Journeys by comparing their life to the author’s life.  They also identify any unknown words and guess at the meaning through determining the part of speech.

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Materials needed: Journeys books, Journeys Response Sheet (see link below), copier

Preparation: Find a story in the Journeys books that is level appropriate that relates to the topic you are studying.

Procedure:  Students read a story from the Journeys book that relates to the lesson topic. As students arrive, they read the story aloud with a partner.  Then they talk about the story and answer the questions on the response sheet.  They write up their answers from the second page of the response sheet on the whiteboard.  Then go through the answers as a class.  Students share unknown words they wrote on their response sheets, and the class works together to determine the part of speech by looking at the word in the sentence and write down the meaning.

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