Title: Sparkle
Size of group: 5-25
Appropriate grade level: K-3
Skill practiced: Listening and spelling
Materials: A list of words appropriate for the age range and space
Category: lesson plan/activity idea

1. Position the group of students in a circle and have them all stand up.

2. Choose a place to start and be prepared with words they should know how to spell.

3. Say a word from the list, have the first student say the first letter, the next student say the next letter, and so on.  Once they have said the last letter, the next student says "sparkle" and then the next student is out and sits down.

  • Example:  Teacher says the word "and". The first student would say a, the next n, the next d, the next sparkle, and the next is out. 

4. If a student doesn't know the letter or gets it wrong they sit down, and the next person picks up at the same spot.

If the students are able to get the letters and spell it out, it displays that they are listening and know how to spell the words. 

Make sure to have a mixture of harder words and easier words depending on the group. 

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