Round the Circle


Purpose: To practice vocabulary by saying examples

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Materials:  Round the Circle Template (link is below), a list of six category vocabulary words, game pieces/coins

Prep: Fill in the Round the Circle Template with the category level vocabulary words and make copies for groups of students. Some example words to use:

Places in the Community: park, bank, store, gas station, library, restaurant, post office (Students say a local example)
Sections of an application: personal information, availability, work history, education, references, legal (Students say a question in this section)
Illnesses: cold, flu, ear infection, strep throat, stomach flu, bronchitis (Students say a symptom)
Rooms in a house: kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, basement, garage (Students say a furniture item in this room)


Use a projector to show students the filled in circle.  Show students how to roll the dice and count around the circle using your game piece.  If using the list of rooms in a house, say a furniture item that is in the room you land on.  Ask another student to come up, roll the dice, count with a game piece, and say a furniture item for the room that he/she lands on. Repeat with one or two more students.  Take another turn yourself to show students how to keep going around the circle. Show students that landing on the same category word a second time means that you have to say a new answer. 

Students work in groups, taking turns going around the circle and saying examples, without repeating any answers. 

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