Sight Word Toss

ping pong balls

[photo credit: Melissa Culver]

Purpose: Sight words are words that a reader does not need to stop and sound out. Knowing many sight words allows a reader to be more fluent and increases comprehension. This practice idea gives students the opportunity to memorize more sight words. 

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Materials: A box of ping pong balls, a marker

Prep: Select a set of 9 sight words to pratice. Good candidates for sight words include:

     1.     Words that do not have phonetic spelling (one, laugh)
     2.     Words that are very frequent (the, this)
     3.     Words that are important to the student (pork, exit)

Write one site word clearly on each ping pong ball. 

Procedure: Set out the box of ping bong balls where students can reach them. Call on a student and ask that student to throw you one of the sight words. Say the sight word and throw it to another student. Repeat with other sight words. 


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