Video Tutor Tip: Walking Dictation

two figures walking

Thank you to Jessica Jones and her class at Open Door Learning Center for showing us how this activity works with a video!

Purpose to use reading, writing, speaking a listening skills while working with a partner

Prep Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Materials: signs for students to read, paper and pens

Prep: Write four or five signs for students to read. One sentence per sign works best. Keep in mind the level of the students. One phrase or word per sign works for beginners.  Post the signs in the hallway or the back of the room. 


1. Students find partners and get paper and pens.

2. Show the students one of the signs and how they are posted in the hall.

3. Show the students that one partner will stand up, go out in the hall and read the first sign a couple times. Then the student will return and tell the sentence on the first sign to his or her partner.

4. The other partner write the sentence. If necessary, the walker can return to the hall and read it again. The walker can help the writer with spelling.

5. After finishing the first two sentences, the partners switch roles.

6. After students finish writing the four sentences, the teacher reads each one and the students repeat them.

Please watch the video to see an excellent way to give the instructions for this activity!

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