TodaysMeet on Opening Day

Last week there was an “Opening Day” gathering at the Minnesota Literacy Council filled with representatives from around our ABE consortium to listen to some great presentations including:
Tom Cytron-Hysom: regarding current and upcoming trends in ABE, where SPCLC has been in the last year, and where we are going, as well as gave an update on the changing Adult Diploma program in Minnesota.

Dr. Cassandra Scharber and Angelica Pazurek from UMN College of Education & Human Development. Their presentation is entitled: ”Technology and the Shifting Definition of Literacy: New Directions in Education.” 

The technology presentation centered around the changes in current technology and overcoming barriers for technology use by teachers and students alike. The information was very well received and relevant to all who attended.  One thing that set it apart from other meetings was that  Dr. Cassandra Scharber and Angelica Pazurek set up a  Todaysmeet room for people to comment in and share ideas with others.

While I have seen a number of note taking and response gathering tools , this one was new to me and I was impressed at its simplicity and usefulness.  Go the url for your meeting , enter in your name and post a comment. That's it.  TodaysMeet may be a new way for students to do short journaling or it may be a simple way to poll your students about content you are teaching.  To see an example of what the comments look like, a transcript of the notes from the Opening Deay TodaysMeet can be found here. 


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