Math Activities and Templates Part II

(Many thanks to Jennifer Boe Mesojedec, teacher, for sharing these templates and activity ideas.)

These activities are intended to be used by students working with a volunteer or teacher.  Teachers or tutors need to model the activity first and observe to insure that students understand how to proceed.

Roll and race

The templates (4 to practice addition and 5 for multiplication) have spaces that need to be filled in order to complete each problem.  Students evaluate the problem and decide which number needs to go in that space.  On their turn, they roll a die and put it in a box that will make the problem correct.  Once solved, the problem can be checked off.  If they cannot use the number, they lose their turn.  The first person to complete the problems on his/her half-sheet wins.


Roll and Race 1

Roll and Race 2

Roll and Race 3

Roll and Race 4

Roll and Race Multiplication 1

Roll and Race Multiplication 2

Roll and Race Multiplication 3

Roll and Race Multiplication 4

Roll and Race Multiplication Practice


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