Multiple Choice Cards

Purpose: To add some fun to multiple choice activities

Preparation time:  5 minutes

Materials:  Index cards; markers; any reading or listening material with multiple choice questions

Preparation: Make the multiple choice cards. On each card, write one of the letters from the multiple choice set. If your choices are A-D, then you will have an “A” card, a “B” card, a “C” card, and a “D” card in one set. Make enough sets so each group of 3-4 students can have one. Choose appropriate reading or listening material with multiple choice comprehension questions.


1. Prepare students for listening and have them do the comprehension questions individually. Do not check the answers at this stage.

2. Divide the students into groups of 3-4. Give each group a set of multiple choice cards.

3. Say that you are going to check the answers to the first question, but that they must come to an agreement in their groups about the answer first. When they agree on a choice, they should hold up the appropriate letter card so you can see it.

4. Give students time to discuss the answer and hold up cards. When each group is holding up a card, tell them the correct answer. Ask students why they chose the answers they did.

5. Repeat with the other questions.

Variations: You can make your own multiple choice vocabulary quizzes to use with the cards.

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