What Could You Do With It?

Purpose:  to practice simple sentences with might or could

Preparation Time:  none    

Materials: white board and markers

Preparation: Decide on a series of objects that the students already know, such as items found in the classroom, the kitchen, etc.


1) One or two students stand with their backs to the board; they are the guessers.

2) Teacher/tutor writes on the board the name of an object: for example, a pencil, a

cup, or a computer.

3) The rest of the class helps the guessers figure out what the object is by suggesting

things they could or might do with it.  They should use their imaginations and not give

away the answer immediately by suggesting the obvious use.  For example, if the object

is a pencil, they could say things like:

                        I could pick it up.

                        I could use it in class.

                        I might take it home with me.

                        I might point at something with it.

                        I could scratch my head with it.

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