I Never Eat Fish!

Purpose:  In this game, students practice using adverbs of frequency in writing, speaking and listening.

Prep time:  10-15 minutes

Materials:  copies of the handout

Prep: make the copies; if some time has passed since introducing adverbs of frequency, think about how you will review the grammar. 


I do it:

  1. Ask students if they can give you examples of adverbs of frequency (never, seldom, occasionally, sometimes, always, etc.).  You may need to get them started by providing an example yourself.  Elicit several sentences and review correct word order.   Note that the verbs on the handout are all action verbs, so the word order will always be subject + adverb + verb. 
  2. Explain the purpose of the game and go over the directions.

We do it:

  1. Model the activity with 3 other students by writing your own sentence, reading it to them, and asking them to guess if it’s true or false. 
  2. Those who guess correctly get one point.  Each person keeps track of his or her own score.
  1. You may need to explain how to keep score by using sets of five lines.
  2. Explain the need to cross out the phrases that have already been used, so that the group will end up using all the phrases on the list.

You do it:

  1. Ask students to form groups of 3-4. 
  2. Give them the handout and circulate, checking to make sure they understand what to do. 
  3. Once they’re all on the right track, you’ll enjoy observing interactions as students learn more about each other or have fun trying to trick each other.
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