"Yes, and..."

Purpose: to practice speaking and listening, sequencing, fluency, creativity

Materials: none

Prep time: none

Procedure: This game can be played with partners or a small group. 

  1. The first player makes a suggestion. 
  2. The next player enthusiastically replies, “Yes, and…” and adds information to the suggestion. 
  3. The first player enthusiastically responds with “Yes, and…” and adds more information to the suggestion. 
  4. The dialogue continues in this manner.

For example:

A: “Abdi, let’s plant a garden.”

B: “Yes, and we can put flowers in the garden.”

A: “Yes, and we’ll have a pond in the middle with lots of fish.”

B: “Yes, and we can swim in the pond on hot days.”


  1. “Yes, but…”
  2. “If we had a million dollars, we could…”, “Yes, and we could…”
  3. “If we only had five minutes, we couldn’t…”, “No, and we couldn’t…”
  4. Making pizza – “We need cheese.” “Yes, and we need mushrooms.” “Yes, and we need…”
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