Daily Appointments - A Conversation Activity

Purpose:  This activity gets students out of their seats and helps them interact while practicing speaking and listening skills.

Prep time:  10 minutes

Materials:  if desired, prepare a half sheet with three times on it; otherwise, ask students to create their own

Prep:  decide on three level-appropriate topics for students to talk about; make copies of the half sheet if needed


  1. Give students a schedule with three times on it that occur during class time.  Alternatively, write an example on the board and ask students to create a schedule themselves. 
  2. Give students 5 minutes to make three appointments to talk to other students during those times.  If at all possible, appointments should be with students who speak a different first language!
  3. When the time comes for the first appointment, ask students to pair up and give them a topic or question to discuss.
  4. Students have 5 minutes to talk before returning to their seats.

Beginning level topics: daily routines, shopping lists, likes/dislikes, can/can’t

Intermediate level topics: purchasing decisions, jobs you might want, first experiences (driving, buying a car, school, coming to MN or the US)

Advanced level topics: comparisons, associations, argue for or against something

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