How Important is Review?

To review vocabulary:

Ask the students what words they learned the day before.  This will provide you with vocabulary to use in one of your favorite no-prep review activities.  For example, once you have a list on the board, ask students to sort them into categories, or do an impromptu spelling test.  Erase one word in the list and ask students to fill the space back in.  Ask students to use the words in sentences, either oral or written.

To review grammar:

The lesson plan from the day before shows an introduction to the past tense.  The students probably did a worksheet, so ask to see the worksheet.  Ask the students: What do you remember about the past tense?  Can you give me some examples? Did you write anything?  Can you show me? 

If you know you’ll need to review a grammar point, be prepared to teach it to students who were absent the day before.  Those who were present may have questions regarding the grammar as well.  If you can’t answer all of them, tell them you’ll make a note for the next day’s tutor.

To review a reading lesson:

Ask the students what they remember about a reading.  If they don’t remember, give them two minutes to look over the text and then tell you about it.

In general:

Ask a specific question about something the class did the day before and see what they remember.  For example, “What did you read yesterday?” or “What did you practice yesterday?”


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