Announcing our letter writing/calling campaign: “FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION”

The Trump administration’s initial budget proposed a cut of 13.5 percent in the U.S. Department of Education for fiscal year 2018. Adult education was not specifically mentioned in the proposal, but we anticipate that the complete budget, which will be released in mid-May, will include the cut of 13.5 percent for adult education along with most other education programs.

A cut of this size would cause tremendous harm to adult education programs and students across the country. As adult educators, volunteers and friends of adult education, we each have the responsibility to take swift and decisive action to ensure that the proposed cut is not enacted. Please join our campaign by calling or writing to your members of Congress with the message, "FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION."

When you're done, please log your activity so that we can track our collective efforts!

Key campaign messages to share:

As a student

All student letters should include (1) the reason that the student enrolled in adult education. Examples might include the following: receiving a high school equivalency credential, improving literacy, math or writing skills, or participating in job training. (2) what the student is planning to do when they finish the program. (3) The statement FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION.

If you are a teacher or volunteer, please help your students identify and direct their communication to the appropriate politician. Find representatives/their contact information online.

As an alum of an adult basic education program

Letters from alumni of adult education programs should focus on how the program has helped them get a better job, earn more money, helped their children learn more effectively and made them better citizens.

As a teacher

Letters from teachers can include some capsule summaries of the students that they are teaching and the statement FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION.

As a program administrator

Letters from program administrators can contain information about the outcomes of their local program (number of students gaining a high school diploma/equivalent, number of students going on to postsecondary education, number of students gaining quality jobs, etc.) and the statement FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION.

As a friend of adult basic education

Letters from friends of adult education, particularly business and industry representatives, should focus on the economic benefits of the adult education program to the community and to the specific business and the statement FULLY FUND ADULT EDUCATION.


A note about telephone calls:

Telephone calls should be made directly to the Washington D.C. offices of the members of Congress. Student calls can go as follows: “My name is ___________. I am a student in the ________________ adult education program. I would like Representative/Senator ________________ to know that adult education works. Please fully fund adult education.”