Strategic Plan 2015-2018


Sharing the power of learning through education, community building and advocacy.


We envision literate communities in which all residents have full access to quality learning and service opportunities that will enable them to contribute and reach their full potential.

These strategic lenses frame our goals when we filter them through accompanying critical questions:

  1. Advocacy and Visibility - How can we advocate literacy, with its many benefits, locally and nationally? How can we reach stakeholders who don't yet know why they should care about our work?
  2. Diversity and Inclusion - How can all levels of our organization reflect the diversity that is present in the communities where we work? How can we create an inclusive environment, and how will we know who feels welcome?
  3. Partnerships and Collaboration - How does our work encourage new partnerships that advance the literacy cause? How can we work together with any organizations who can benefit from our expertise?

See the full strategic plan here. 

Core values

  • Promote the power of learning. We believe lifelong learning improves lives.
  • Maximize human potential. We believe individuals maximize their potential through teaching, learning and community involvement.
  • Energize communities. We believe building literacy skills creates productive and sustainable communities.
  • Foster inclusion. We believe that being intentional in fostering diversity and inclusion is essential to rich collaboration and realizing our vision.
  • Advance equality and justice. We believe that open access to educational opportunities creates more just and peaceful communities.
  • Lead the way. We believe in providing pathways for groups and individuals to create meaningful change.