Teacher Training Toolkit

Teachers love to learn! Check out the teacher training toolkit modules below to develop your teaching skills in a variety of different areas. Each module contains a short reading, a video, video reflection questions, and a follow-up classroom task with reflection questions. Work through the modules independently, or join together with other teachers to discuss, reflect, and develop as a team. 

The topics covered in the toolkit will help you to develop your skills as an adult ESL teacher, whether you are a classroom assistant, teach small groups, one-to-one, or lead large classes.



Giving Directions

In this module, learn how to apply the I-We-You method when giving activity instructions. The gradual release of responsibility used in this method provides a straightforward framework for giving directions, improves learner understanding, and increases participation and engagement.

Giving Directions Reading, Video Reflection Questions, and Teaching Task  l   Giving Directions Video